What We Do

Together, we share knowledge, explore ideas and connect people. We focus on experience design topics for students and practitioners, no matter their level of experience and background.



We share experience design knowledge with perspectives from design, engineering and business experts through monthly events and online platform.



We explore the next big ideas in the field of experience design and how they might work in the diverse context of human behavior, culture and business.



We connect people, and together we build a creative community — from New York to Asia; from designers, engineers, to entrepreneurs.

Inspire The Next Series

In 2015, we lauched a serises of think tank public event “Inspire The Next” to empower design, engineering, and business innovators to synergize and brainstorm cutting edge design and business ideas

OPEN AEDA forum invited three designers from Google, Spotify, and Nokia Bell Labs to share their experience of exploring relations between machine learning and UX design, and what they have found beyond that.

How will Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality re-define user experience? A night with experience designers, VR guru and educator to discuss emerging trends in designing for immersive experience.

Panel discussion provided strategies at every stage of your career — from success factors of onboarding, daily interactions with coworkers and clients, to insights into how to move up the career ladder.

An afternoon workshop with data scientist and user experience design leaders to discuss and brainstorm emerging trends in Data Science and Cognitive UX.

How can a designer earn a seat at the business table? A night with design manager, educator and entrepreneur to discuss design leadership and how it influences organization’s innovative culture.

We brought in the best and brightest New York based Taiwanese design leaders, tech gurus and business thinkers to start conversations over a night of talks, workshops and networking.